Xanthe loves a good challenge, especially when it is to help a best friend like Piper. So she throws herself into playing match maker between Piper and hunky gardener Cassius, hoping it will finally help Piper move on from boyfriend Tyler, who clearly isn’t coming home anytime soon since he is in prison.

However, while setting Cassius a series of tests to see if he is compatible with Piper, Xanthe’s own heart starts to flutter. Could she be falling for Cassius herself?

Elsewhere in Erinsborough, Aaron and David both play Cupid for Mishti who is still trying to put her disastrous date with Dihan the blackmailer behind her. The boys set Mishti up on a date with a guy called Travis, and things finally seem to be looking up for the single policewoman.

But there’s a big shock in store, when Mishti discovers the intimate video of her that Dihan stole has been uploaded to the internet for everyone to see…

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