Xanthe plans to spend the whole day studying, so she can catch up on work she has missed and improve her grades. However, Ben decides to surprise her and turns up at her front door. Will Xanthe tell Ben she has plans or will she put her relationship before her education?

Chloe’s actions with Brandon leave Jane and Dipi furious. Chloe tries to explain, but Dipi is not interested. She tells Chloe she won’t tell her brother or Paul about her irresponsible actions, if she manages to get Lassiters to pay for the damage. Will Chloe be able to trick Paul and Leo into paying the price for her irresponsible actions?

Later, Chloe senses the awkward tension between Aaron and David and decides to do something about it. Chloe notices that David has booked himself into a massage at the Lassiters spa and decides to make it a couple’s package and surprises Aaron with a free massage. Aaron is skeptical at first – but will he turn up to the massage and will he reconcile with David?