Neighbours spoilers: Yashvi Rebecchi confronts Scarlett Brady

After catching her boyfriend Ned Willis cosied-up with "friend" Scarlett Brady on Neighbours, Yashvi Rebecchi is on the warpath...

Unaware that scheming Scarlett Brady (played by Christie Whelan Browne) staged the whole thing, Yashvi Rebecchi (Olivia Junkeer) is furious after walking into Number 32 and finding her half-dressed boyfriend Ned Willis (Ben Hall) asleep on the sofa with a scantily-clad Scarlett in his arms on Neighbours (5:30pm, see our TV Guide for full listings).

Yashvi refuses to be in a relationship with someone who isn’t truthful with her, and officially breaks-up with Ned, who remains unaware of Scarlett’s scheming and has no idea what just happened!

Scarlett is secretly pleased by their break-up and intends to make sure Ned and Yashvi stay broken-up.

So when angry Yashvi confronts Scarlett about her behaviour, Scarlett makes some cryptic comments to manipulate Yashvi some more. Will Yashvi be fooled into thinking it is Ned who has been trying to make a move on Scarlett?

Neighbours, Scarlett Brady

Scarlett Brady manipulates Yashvi Rebecchi by suggesting Ned has been trying to make a move on her in Neighbours!

However, with Yashvi’s heart in tatters, bestie Bea Nilsson (Bonnie Anderson) refuses to believe Ned (who Bea also used to date) would behave like that. Will Bea be the first Ramsay Street resident who starts to suspect Scarlett is not as innocent as she makes out?

Meanwhile, there’s a happy homecoming for newlyweds Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) and Terese Willis (Rebakah Elmaloglou) who are back from their honeymoon.

Neighbours, Paul Robinson, Terese Willis

There’s a champagne celebration at Number 22 when newlyweds Paul and Terese return home from their honeymoon on Neighbours.

However, it’s not long before the hotel bosses find themselves plunged into a potential scandal at Lassiters when a plumber discovers a hidden camera in one of the hotel rooms, aimed at the bed.

Neighbours, Terese Willis, Paul Robinson

Uh-oh! Is there some kinda Sex, Lies & Videotape style scandal going on at Lassiters on Neighbours?

Has someone been spying on their guests? But WHO?

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5