Pcs Sally Armstrong and Ben Gayle visit a social club where a woman, Leanne Harper, claims her granddad Danny’s watch went missing the night before. The club’s resident magician, Drake Danvers, claims that Danny sold him the watch, and Danny admits that he sold it to help Leanne pay for her wedding to fiancé, Patrick Stanley. When Danny finds the money’s gone, he realises Drake has conned him.

The officers arrive at Drake’s house to arrest him and are shocked to find his girlfriend and manager, Nicole Pickering, badly beaten. Back at Sun Hill, Drake admits to stealing the watch to fund a gambling habit. Officers find a secret stash of £5,000 while searching Drake’s house and, when an unidentified caller threatens to hurt Nicole again if Drake doesn’t pay up, Drake finally admits he’s being blackmailed by someone, but doesn’t know who.

When Neil and Stevie discover that the blackmailer is Leanne’s fiancé, Patrick, they persuade Drake to take part in a sting. Patrick calls Drake again, and the magician agrees to leave the money in the toilets of the social club. That night, Stevie, Neil and fellow Sun Hill officers sit among the crowd as Drake performs his act on stage. As Patrick enters the club and heads for the toilets, the officers are stunned when Leanne’s granddad Danny throws a punch at him, jeopardising the whole operation.

As a brawl ensues, Neil and Stevie go to retrieve the money and find that, as if by magic, it has disappeared…