Neil puts his career on the line

DI Neil Manson persuades paranoid schizophrenic Michael Simms to put down the knife he’s holding to Shelley Cooper’s throat. When a gun shot rings out, Neil radios for help and chases after Michael who flees the scene.

Ending up at a hospital, Neil sees Michael push his psychiatrist, Dr Julia Bickham, into her office. Certain Michael has a gun, Neil alerts CO19 and Michael is fatally shot. But he’s gutted when Julia tells him that Michael didn’t have a gun.

The next day, the Department of Professional Standards visits, and Neil insists he acted without prejudice. Later, Shelley’s ex Chris admits that he attacked Shelley – and planted the ski mask and knife in Michael’s house. As the case unravels, Neil realises that he caused the death of an innocent man.

Will his career be over?

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