Neil suspects Steve is Andrea’s lover

On the way to the airport, Neil quizzes Steve about his private life and asks him if he ever plays away. Steve’s unnerved and glad to see the back of him. Meanwhile, Andrea arrives on the street dragging her suitcase. She begs Lloyd to give her another chance but her deceit continues to haunt him.

Under pressure from Tracy, Deirdre phones Ken and tells him that Peter has been drinking heavily and needs help. Meanwhile, when Amy asks if she can borrow Uncle Albert’s medal for her WWI project Rob can’t find it. When Tracy admits she sold it to fund their wedding Rob’s disgusted and supports Deirdre.

Owen and Anna break the news to Gary, Izzy and Katy about the bankruptcy summons. As the family rally round, Katy finally finds it in herself to forgive Anna for sleeping with Phelan.

Also, Jenna returns home from visiting her mum and is concerned to hear how Andrea deceived Lloyd; Roy and Emily discuss the closure of the library with Yasmeen who insists they need to take direct action.