Neive is determined to re-sign Phoebe offering her a more flexible contract, but Phoebe doesn’t trust her. Kyle tells Phoebe he’ll support her whatever she decides, which convinces Phoebe to re-sign. Later, Neive makes a suspicious phone-call and says their ‘plan’ is still going ahead.

Neive tells Andy and Hannah that she has no hard feelings about their night of passion. Hannah leaves the restaurant when she finds out Andy slept with Neive when Denny told him she was no longer interested in him, questioning his impulsive behaviour.

Ash is struggling after not being able to find his sister. Brax discovers that Ash has given Phoebe the money, which has now been returned by Neive. Brax tells Ash to keep the money, so he stashes it away in the Angelo’s storeroom.

Nate tells Maddy about the side effects of treatment and that it will affect her fertility. Later, an overwhelmed Maddy ignores Oscar’s calls, as Irene and Roo suggest a girl’s night. Both ladies explain they have survived cancer, so Maddy asks Oscar to come to the hospital with her the next day.