Nervous Nick sees the consultant

When Nick tell the consultant that he’s scared he might lash out at Carla like he did with Leanne, he recommends an MRI scan, but points out that given his brain injury, it’s impossible to give an exact diagnosis. Later, Carla’s touched when Gail gives her a photo album to welcome her to the family and tells Nick she’s never been happier.

As Michelle busies herself planning Carla’s wedding, Steve moans that they’ve spent hardly any time together since he got back. In the cab office, Tim tells Steve to channel his inner caveman and show Michelle what she’s been missing. Meanwhile, Liz confronts Michelle and demands to know if Will is the reason she’s avoiding Steve.

Sophie bumps into Kate and Caz coming in and Caz yelps, making out Sophie caught her injured ankle. Sophie’s incensed and tells Kevin she never touched Caz’s ankle and she reckons she’s playing on her injury in an attempt to hang on to Kate.

Phelan persuades Jason to accompany him to the County match to take his mind off Tony’s death.