When Nessa presents Ken with a pair of designer jeans, Ken’s quietly horrified, but puts them on anyway. Over dinner with Roy and Cathy, Cathy berates Nessa for cajoling Ken into the jeans. After a nightcap in the Rovers, Ken agrees to let Nessa stay the night.

Rob tells Tracy that she still means the world to him and when he asks if she’s met somebody else, Tracy lies. Tracy then reveals how Carla was driving the business into the ground and Johnny came to her rescue. Later, Robert admits to Tracy how he accompanied Simon to his counselling session and he’s surprised how calmly she takes the news.

Todd watches Sarah work behind the bar and when she suffers a twinge in her tummy, he clocks her discomfort. Catching up with Sarah outside Todd asks her who’s the daddy!

Erica and Liz are amused to realise Anna’s too drunk to attend Singles Night. Tim and Sophie realise Sally was simply trying to set Sophie up with Kate again. In a strop, Simon tells Leanne he’s had enough of counselling.