Is the net closing in on Cameron?

As Tegan and Courtney make a gruesome discovery, is Cameron's secret about to be revealed?

Cameron’s just about holding it together at the cabin but panics when Leela offers to unload his van; what’s he hiding? Tegan and Courtney are sitting by the lake when they spot something on the shoreline. Cameron and Leela hear a scream and he rushes out to find Tegan and Courtney stood over a dead body…

Courtney tries to call the police, but he snatches the phone. He grabs Tegan, and Courtney tries her best to reason with him. Meanwhile, a worried Ryan tells Ste about Courtney’s phone call. How will he react?

Elsewhere, Nathan’s worried when Lisa doesn’t turn up at the hotel, unaware she’s snuggled up with Mac in his camper van instead. When Lisa gets a voicemail message from Nathan, the guilt hits her and she orders Mac to take her home.