Gaby’s having a meal with her family in a posh restaurant when she’s spotted by her former toyboy lover and gardener John Rowlands. It turns out he’s the owner of the restaurant, having bought it with the money he got from his divorce settlement. Gaby’s completely flustered and Carlos sets a trap to see if his wife still has feelings for the newly single John. She fails miserably, but then tells Carlos some home truths about trust.

Susan becomes angry when it appears that her lawyer neighbour Bob has become defence attorney for Danny Bolen, the teenager accused of strangling her daughter Julie. Susan is so incensed she starts a hate campaign agaist the Bolens and then threatens Danny by tampering with his car-jack and almost crushes him, before his mum Angie comes to the rescue with a baseball bat!

Eventually new evidence comes to light which backs up Danny’s story that he was out drinking when. Susan makes her peace with the Bolens.

Carlos wants to promote Lynette to vice president of his company because his other hopeful is pregnant. Lynette then has to hide her own pregnancy from him when she goes out for an important business dinner with a big client, but can’t drink. Luckily, Tom’s there to secretly swig away at her wine, but her husband gets plastered and nearly ruins the business deal. Still Carlos is oblivious.

Meanwhile, Bree and Karl’s illicit affair hits the skids when he takes another woman to a dinner and dance function they’re both attending.

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