Josh, determined not to let his family fall apart, organises a birthday meal for Suzanne. With some meddling from Darren, an unsuspecting Neville returns early, with no idea he’s missed Suzanne’s birthday. The ‘party’ quickly descends into chaos with everyone’s at each others throats. Neville tries to assert some authority over his family and is met with a right hook from Josh. It’s the final straw for Neville, as he reports his own son to the police.

Theresa’s on cloud nine after bagging herself a good looking, rich boyfriend. Jacqui, however, is immediately suspicious, and questions where Kyle is getting his cash from, much to the annoyance of Theresa. Unsatisfied with Kyle’s answers, Jacqui is now certain he’s up to no good.

Zak is still refusing to attend Caleb’s funeral. Despite being angry at him over hurting Michaela, Jacqui knows this is a huge mistake and persuades Des to talk to him.

Also; Michaela still refusing to see him, Zak offloads his frustrations to Des. As a grief stricken Zak opens up, he soon realises that attending Caleb’s funeral could be the best thing for him.

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