New boy Adam rescues Pepper

Frazer finds it difficult to accept the doctor’s explanation that his paralysis is psychosomatic and that he’s the only one stopping himself from walking. When Fraser breaks down in Rosie’s arms, she promises to help him cure himself. But she’s shocked when Pepper suggests that Rosie could be the reason that Frazer can’t walk.

Elle tells Paul it’s been ages since he’s seen ex-wife Gail, but Paul doesn’t believe her and asks her to call Gail. But when Elle pretends that Gail is on holiday and uncontactable, suspicious Paul asks Harold if Elle can be trusted. While Harold warns Elle that Paul is onto her lies, Paul goes behind Elle’s back and calls Gail himself.

After being stood up by her internet date, Pepper gives Davo another shot and things seem to go well – until Davo reveals himself to be a chauvinist pig. Steph’s new hunky builder Adam steps in to rescue Pepper when Davo gets sleazy. Pepper insists she didn’t need Adam’s help but is oblivious to the fact that she may just have met the man of her dreams.

Also, Karl tells Susan realise Davo has known they’ve been married all along and has been playing them for a twisted laugh.