New boy Adam ruffles a few feathers

New consultant Dr Adam Trueman (played by Tristan Gemmill) arrives in the Emergency Department and his unorthodox approach soon gets him noticed – especially among the female staff. Adam saves a young psychiatric patient who’s threatening to jump off a multi-storey car park.

It’s also Alice’s first day as health care assistant and Adam’s unusual arrival catches her off guard. Alice soon warms to Adam when he helps her out with a difficult patient but after he behaves unethically with another patient, she’s not so sure about him.

When Nathan’s premature baby, Angel, stops breathing he urges doctors to try to resuscitate her. Charlie comforts Nathan as he prepares to make a traumatic decision. Later, Nathan learns there’s going to be a probe into the way the bombing incident was handled and puts Charlie in the frame to save his own skin.

Guppy falls to pieces when a relative of a victim of the bombing arrives in the department wanting justice, and almost turns to drugs to cope. Later, he suprises everyone by announcing his resignation.

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