It’s Pcs Leon Kane, Arun Ghir and Millie Brown’s first day, and when Trey Simpson’s prints are found at the scene of a break-in at a hardware store, the officers burst into Trey’s flat where they find their stoned suspect. At the station, Trey admits that he was paid to steal a cutting torch by Colin Dempsey.

Elsewhere, a bank is robbed and shocked manager, Nancy Bishop, tells officers she has uncovered a tunnel leading to the safes which have been broken into � with a cutting torch. DC Jo Masters discovers that Dempsey did the job with his partner in crime, Henry Bell. Later, Jo finds Henry bleeding heavily from a stab wound.

Henry admits to the robbery and reveals that Dempsey stabbed him, suspecting that Henry had hidden some money.
Dempsey tries to do a runner when he spots Leon at his door, but the new recruit soon catches his man. Both bank robbers have been caught – but the team soon discover who the real brains behind the operation is…

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