New boy Linden ruffles Lola’s feathers

New AAU Surgical Consultant Linden Cullen arrives on the ward and provokes mixed reactions from the staff. When Linden proves to be very efficient, Lola worries that the new arrival could threaten her position as head of the Acute Assessment Unit. Mark is also unsure about Linden – but Maddy seems to like him.

Suffering from his chemotherapy treatment, Sam turns up at work clearly unwell. Sam insists he’s fine and snaps at Stuart that he just wants to get on with his job. But when Sam collapses in theatre, Connie forces Stuart to sign him off work.Later, Stuart sees Chrissie comforting Sam and battles feelings of jealousy.

Elsewhere, Ric is frustrated that Michael’s patients under the hospital’s new HolbyCare scheme are being put before his and angrily confronts him.

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