New boy Romeo tries to charm Martha

Romeo (Todd) Smith is dropped off on the edge of town. A 17-year-old charmer, he’s come in search of his little brother, but gets distracted by women. He tries to charm Martha, but it’s Annie’s innocent clumsiness that really attracts him. He arrives at the Caravan Park, stunning Miles with the news that he’s there to see his little brother… Jai.

Rachel is helping Andy with his two kids and is pushing Tony away. He tries to spend more time with her and be more understanding, but it’s not working. Even when he cooks her a romantic dinner, she cancels because she’s helping Andy. When Rachel later sees the trouble Tony went to, she feels bad.

Geoff is surprised when Aden agrees to work on the trawler. There’s tension between them and then the trawler breaks down. Geoff wants to use the manual, but Aden throws it overboard. Geoff dives in after it. The tension comes to a head when Geoff reveals he knows Aden is sleeping in Belle’s bed.

The boys fight, falling onto the boat’s wiring. Geoff gets a shock that goes through to Aden and jolts Aden into the water. Geoff resuscitates him. Aden recovers and they agree to work together, and fix the boat.

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