New cop Charlie ruffles a few feathers

Jack and Morag aren’t too impressed with Summer Bay’s new cop Charlie Buckton, Ross’s daughter. It soon becomes clear that Charlie considers herself more knowledgeable than the Yabbie Creek police, and she won’t be easy to work with. Although he is aware that Charlie has taken the new job to try to split him and Morag up, Ross isn’t interested in her schemes and informs her that he is selling their house in the city.

Belle is as surprised as Geoff and Annie to find Aden in bed with her, and tries to explain nothing happened. Geoff and Annie agree not to tell Irene, while Aden thanks Belle for giving him somewhere to crash. Despite her annoyance, there’s obvious chemistry between the pair. And when he discovers the photos she secretly took of him on the beach, their bickering soon leads to kissing…

Martha and Jack tell Tony that Martha is pregnant and their news gives Rachel food for thought. She suggests to Tony that they have kids of their own. Tony reveals he would need a reverse vasectomy. But due to complications with the original operation, he worries it may be impossible. His fears are confirmed when a doctor tells him it’s unlikely he’ll ever be able to have kids again.

*Showing on RTE One, Thursday July 31*

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