New DC Grace Dasari finds a missing person

New recruit DC Grace Dasari (played by This Life star Amita Dhiri, pictured) and DC Mickey Webb meet Angie Royce, a woman who believes she’s just seen her son Jamie, who’s been missing for 11 years. A vehicle check proves that the car Jamie was seen driving away in belongs to a Geoffrey Gant, who was arrested when Jamie first went missing.

When questioned, Jamie insists that he has only known Gant for two years and rents a room off of him. But, later, when Grace and Mickey visit Gant at his home, they uncover disturbing evidence that proves he’s more than just Jamie’s landlord…

Supt. John Heaton stands over Ray Moore’s dead body, cross that he didn’t get to see him finally banged up. Crime scene examiner Lorna Hart explains to Heaton that Ray may have been pushed from a rooftop. Heaton knows that Ray would rather face prison than death and is determined to find out who killed him.

A gun is found at the scene, and Heaton is stunned to discover that Pc Lewis Hardy’s fingerprints are all over it. Then Lewis heads to Sun Hill to make a statement – and to hand in his resignation.