New doctor Sam’s gung-ho spirit winds up the ED

There’s a new face in the ED this week, Major Sam Nicholls (The Tudors’ star Charlotte Salt), and she manages to rub everyone up the wrong way on her very first day. Fearless and feisty, army doctor Sam is joining the Casualty team for a nine-month secondment, having just returned from a tour of Afghanistan.

But although her gung-ho attitude may be suited to the battlefield, it doesn’t go down too well in the ED. In fact, she’s so keen to get going, she turns up a day early and asks to join a paramedic crew to get a feel for Holby.

It’s not long before Sam’s at the centre of a major trauma when the ambulance she’s travelling in gets run off the road by an aggressive driver with a grudge. While Sam’s trying to treat the patient, the ambulance is involved in a terrifying crash.

Although she gets off to a bad start, Sam eventually settles in to the team and even finds time to develop a romance. But who with?

Elsewhere, Noel is keen to step up his security after a run-in with an angry patient. But a sensitive encounter with grieving mother Seonaidh (former Coronation Street star Tracie Bennett) convinces him that he doesn’t want to be shielded from the public after all.

Seonaidh tells Noel she just needs to be in the department for a while, but when she leaves a photo of her son at reception, Noel fears for her well-being. He drops it back at her house and once chatting to the woman, realises she’s clearly not coping and gives her a list of numbers she can call for support. Later, however, she has pills ready and contemplates suicide. Can Noel save her?

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