New doctor Toby struggles on his first day

New doctors Toby De Silva (Matthew Needham) and Ruth Winters (Georgia Taylor) join the Emergency Department and Toby is thrown in at the deep end when he and Dixie witness an bus explosion. Toby is soon faced with the harsh realities of his new job when he’s forced to help Maggie amputate a man’s arm.

Toby then finds a little girl, Rayne, trapped in another part of the collapsed shops, and is shocked when her dad Rob snatches her away before she can be reunited with her injured mother Wendi. Taking Charlie’s car, Toby drives off in search of Rayne. Back in the ED, Toby struggles to cope with the crisis and leaves…

But he’s stopped in his tracks when he bumps into Rob carrying a very sick Rayne. Realising that Rayne is diabetic, Toby immediately gives her an injection of dextrose, saving her life. Toby realises he’s a doctor after all and agrees to let Dixie take him back to the hospital.

Continues tomorrow.