A new face arrives in the Square!

Smart businesswoman Fi Browning arrives with some news for one family...

Businesswoman Fi Browning (Lisa Faulkner) arrives in the Square. She soon gets on the wrong side of one of the Walford families, but why is she there?

Tina snaps at Woody after a problem with the jukebox. Realising that Tina is on edge, Woody encourages her to open up about her mum. Tina is grateful when Woody has a heart-to-heart with her over their losses. Tina gives Woody some advice on how to settle in to The Vic.

Donna thinks Abi should move into the share house with her, Ben and Jay. When Ben and Jay refuse, Donna’s forced to break the news to Abi. Determined to make it happen, Donna and Abi come up with an idea to change the boys’ minds. When Abi gets back to Dot’s, however, she starts to have second thoughts about her decision.

Honey is getting increasingly frustrated with Derek as he fails to understand even simple tasks. But when Keegan turns up at the Minute Mart and tries to steal from it, will Derek step up to the plate?

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