New girl Colette needs Guy’s help

Guy Self warned staff there would be changes when he arrived as Holby’s new CEO last week. And it looks like he’s already putting his plan into action when, this week, he offers an old friend one of the hospital’s top jobs. Nurse Colette Sheward arrives at the hospital with Sam, a young man whose brain tumour has returned.

It transpires Colette and Guy worked together at his former hospital, where Sam was his patient. As they reunite, Colette reveals Sam’s current neurosurgeon is refusing to operate, and she thinks Guy might be his last hope. Guy won’t break the rules by treating another consultant’s patient, but after much persuasion from Sam, his mum Angie and Colette, Guy agrees to perform the risky surgery that could save the boy’s life.

The next morning, with Sam’s operation a success, Colette’s about to leave when Guy asks her to come and work at Holby. Will she say yes?

Meanwhile, Jac’s keen to impress the new boss at Holby and Jonny is determined to lighten Jac’s load, especially when they’re told that the date’s been set for the delivery of their baby, then a pregnant patient is brought to Holby. But as Jonny tries to protect Jac, is he taking on too much?

And when a suspected smuggler starts causing a stir on AAU, Serena is brought in to deal with him – but soon it’s not clear who’s handling whom…