As the school gates open on series five of this award-winning drama it quickly becomes clear that this is Waterloo Road, but not as we know it! The struggling comprehensive has been merged with John Fosters, a failed private school, and the result is war – in the staffroom and the classroom!

Around 100 ‘posh’ pupils find themselves unwelcome and a power struggle is launched between resident bully Michaela White and new girl Lindsay James (Jenna Louise Coleman – Jasmine Thomas in Emmerdale). This spills over to an all-out battle on the playground between new and old pupils. Head teacher Rachel gets the kids under control but then has to give Jasmine and her younger sister Em terrible news: their dad’s been murdered – by their mother.

In the staffroom feelings are also running high between the old school staff and the teachers from John Fosters, who have been recruited to help the merger run smoothly. Clearly that plan hasn’t worked and Executive Head Max Tyler (Tom Chambers – Holby City) tells Rachel he’ll be staying on permanently.

Rachel’s also got new Deputy Head Christopher Mead (William Ash – Where The Heart Is, Burn It, Conviction) looking over her shoulder and the new Head of Languages, Jo Lipsett (Sarah Jane Potts – Sugar Rush, Casualty), has Steph worried, too…

And the battles have only just begun!