Vaughan Fitzgerald (Neil Pearson) takes over as head teacher with big plans to shake things up. But his professional veneer is tested from the off!

The experienced principal has plenty of fresh ideas, which he’s keen to implement… But not all his staff are onboard, and Vaughan soon makes an enemy of languages teacher George Windsor (Angus Deayton).

The head also has to cope with a complicated personal life. He lives with his partner Alice Westbrook (Nicola Stephenson), and her two children, and Alice joins the school at the same time to run its art department.

Just as Vaughan is giving his first pep talk to staff in this week’s first episode, his wife Olga – who he left for Alice – turns up at the school with their two teenage sons. She tells him that she can’t cope any more, is checking into a clinic and the boys will have to live with him and his new family.

Meanwhile, student Darren has a harrowing day when his drug-addicted mother overdoses and dies.