It’s all happening in The Woolpack on New Year’s Eve… Ryan is desperate to avoid Maisie and she knows it. Her mood turns positively sour, though, when Katie tells her she’s going to ask Ryan to live with her. He agrees to the move but, when they’re alone together, Maisie tells him she doesn’t believe it’s what he really wants. Is she going to tell Katie that her boyfriend has another woman – her?

Also in the pub, Nikhil has his eye on a woman: Natasha! His flirting leaves Natasha cold, though and Diane steps in to rescue her. What would Natasha want with Nikhil when she has Mark to keep her warm at night? Natasha reveals that Mark isn’t as perfect as Diane thinks and that their marriage is recovering from his infidelity. Is it, though?

Meanwhile, blissfully unaware that Gennie slept with her husband, Viv is working with Brenda to push Gennie and Jamie together again. Jamie, of course, knows exactly what happened between Gennie and Bob. That’s what wrecked their romance and he’s still struggling to put it behind him. As the two of them are set up over dinner at the B&B, will they ever be more than just friends again?

*Second episode*

Hell hath no fury like Maisie Wylde after she’s been knocked back… Angry with Ryan for agreeing to move in with Katie, Maisie starts flirting openly with him. Ryan ignores her so she turns on his mum, Faye, ridiculing her for chasing after her father, Mark. Furious, Faye slaps Maisie’s face and the Wylde woman has to be held back. Humiliated, Maisie leaves the pub and Ryan sneaks off after her. As the clock strikes midnight, it’s Maisie he’s kissing, not Katie. But it’s Katie he goes home with. Maisie has decided she wants Ryan, though, and what Maisie wants, she usually gets…

Mark and Faye are also sneaking kisses… She has dressed up for her night in the pub just to tease Mark and it works. He follows her to the toilets and apologises for Maisie’s behaviour. As they lock lips Eli appears and they have to separate. But then they’ve got the rest of their lives to look forward to together, haven’t they?

Sam gets lucky on the stroke of midnight, too, when Olena gives him a kiss. Doug isn’t so lucky, but reveals to John that he has his eye on a certain woman… Now, who could that be?

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