Newcomer Ali stings like a bee (VIDEO)

Owwwww! That’s not the normal way to greet a new neighbour. A handshake is a much friendlier gesture, but Ali’s not in the mood to shake Carl’s hand after he nearly runs over her daughter, Amelia! Ali has arrived in Emmerdale to move into Brook Cottage with her girlfriend, Ruby, and Ali’s son Sean’s not happy about that. While they’re arguing, Amelia wanders into the road and is nearly hit by Carl’s truck, which is trying to get around Cameron’s truck. Sam saves Amelia from serious injury, but Ali is still angry and thumps Carl.

Cain’s still on the warpath – and this time he’s gunning for Amy. It’s because he sees Belle stealing cash from the till in David’s shop and giving the money to Amy. It’s Belle’s misguided way of trying to be a mate to Amy, who needs money. But Cain thinks Amy’s leading Belle astray (and we thought thieving was in the Dingle DNA) and he takes a very frightened Amy for a ride.

Cameron’s been taken for a ride, too. The Scotland job was a set-up – and Carl and Jimmy are very amused by their childish prank. Cameron’s not, though…

*Second episode*

Amy is taken on a terrifying ride by a furious Cain who lets her think he’s going to kill her (and he probably would, too, if he knew she was still carrying his baby!). Then he tells Amy she’s on her last chance; she’s to stay away from his family. If she doesn’t, she’ll suffer. Back in Emmerdale, Amy hides at home, where Belle finds her. Amy tries to get the girl to go away but Belle wants her to believe that Cain’s not so bad. Scared silly, Amy tells Belle Cain’s the baby’s father and he thinks she had an abortion. Belle has to stay away!

After his wasted trip to Scotland, Cameron’s gunning for Carl, but Ali’s gunning for them both! Their trucking behaviour hurt Amelia and she thinks maybe she should call the police. The silly boys apologise, but Ali wants more… 400 pounds and their help moving into Brook Cottage buys her silence. Ha!

Nikhil’s another silly boy. He’s let Gennie get away and now he’s regretting it. Especially as Gennie’s not just moved on to another bloke, she’s also trying to move on to another job.