Martha is having trouble keeping the news about Hugo secret. Over dinner, she blurts out to Xavier that he was right – Hugo is alive. Or at least she hopes he is. He’s missing from witness protection. Xavier’s excited but becomes disappointed when Gina, Tony and Rachel don’t share his elation. They’re wary – Hugo is a hunted man and the whole family is now in danger. Xavier has an idea and leaves for the lighthouse. A car stops… with Hugo at the wheel.

Aden can’t accept that Nicole’s dumped him. He corners her and she tells him they’ll get back together if he can say he loves her. He can’t. To Justin’s delight, Aden reveals he wants to leave town with him. He sends a farewell text to a devastated Nicole and Aden and Justin drive out of Summer Bay.

Gina is still upset about John and Tony’s boxing match. John gives Tony the opportunity to pull out and Rachel accepts the offer, which infuriates Tony. As far as he’s concerned, the fight’s still on. Upon hearing the news about Hugo, Gina tells Tony they have enough to deal with already. She asks Tony to call the fight off – for her sake at least – and Tony reluctantly agrees.

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