Newt and Eli cause trouble

Although Newt feels guilty about ruining Steph’s portfolio, Eli shows no remorse and hides with it under Newt’s bed. When Steph comes looking for it, Newt is forced to hand it over to prevent her from discovering Eli, forcing Jack to confiscate his camcorder. With Eli worried about being spotted on tape, he convinces Newt to help him flood the cellar to create a diversion to get the tape out of the camcorder. But both are unaware of Jack’s growing financial crisis.

Darren is shocked at what he sees when he sneaks a look at the dire state of Jack’s accounts. Jack is distraught when he finds the flooded cellar and reveals to a shocked Darren that he can’t afford the insurance.

Unnerved to see Tina and Dom reading a baby book, Jacqui shows Tony the handwritten contract she’s drawn up. When an oblivious Frankie congratulates Tony and Jacqui as a prospective aunt and uncle, Tony decides to have a word with Dom but he refuses to discuss the situation. Tina and Dom agree to meet Tony and Jacqui but are shocked by Jacqui’s contract. Will they sign it?

Also, Max reveals his concerns to Steph about their relationship.

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