As Newt says goodbye, Lauren tries to persuade him to stay but he can’t and is unable to explain why. Lauren feels rejected and, not wanting her to hate him, Newt blurts out that Jack is not really dead and reveals everything. Lauren begins to worry about Newt’s mental health and thinks he has stopped taking his medication, but he’s unable to convince her he’s telling the truth.

Lauren asks him to run away with her, and Newt rushes home to get his things. But when Lauren asks Niall if she’s doing the right thing, Niall is suddenly interested to hear that Newt thinks Jack is still alive�

Myra worries that something serious has happened to her children after they disappear, and is concerned to discover Tina has abandoned Max on her doorstep. Myra ends up confessing to a stunned Jacqui about abandoning her child. Jacqui refuses to listen to Myra’s pleas that something terrible is happening and when she heads off to get ready for her birthday party, Niall is waiting…

Tony and Dominic are preparing Il Gnosh for Jacqui’s birthday party when Russ arrives with news that Tina has gone missing, leaving Dom concerned for Tina’s welfare.

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