Lauren is determined to prove to Newt she is sorry for not believing him about Niall. Newt still won’t talk to her but she convinces him to read her diary, as an insight into her feelings about him. However, Newt leaves Lauren’s diary open in the pub, and he is furious to return and find Cindy reading it aloud.

Unfortunately, Lauren walks in and is devastated to see that her personal thoughts broadcast to the entire pub. Newt later finds her, and through a mutual hate for Cindy and a plot for revenge, they are friends again.

Russ has major reservations about Nancy‘s future with Ravi after Ravi made a pass at him. Nancy apologises to Ravi for her paranoid behaviour and Ravi agrees to go to dinner with her. Later, Ravi pleads with Russ not to tell anyone he’s bisexual, and Russ agrees, providing Ravi tells Nancy the truth or breaks up with her. On meeting up with Nancy, Ravi realises he can’t own up so ends up dumping her, much to Nancy’s shock.

Keen to find work, Justin is pleased when Leila gets Hannah to ask about bar work in the SU. In return, Justin promises to help Leila make a film for her art project.

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