Newt forces Lauren to tell Spencer the truth

Darren struggles to adjust to his new love-bird flatmates. Newt decides a post-exam party is in order and they throw an impromptu housewarming party. When Lauren hears they are planning something, she finds herself excluded and realises Theresa’s told them about Spencer. Newt forces Lauren to confess all and Gaz is fuming as he watches Lauren tell Spencer everything.

Carmel goes through the last of Calvin’s belongings as Lauren tries to revise. Spencer calls round and Lauren worries what he knows, now that Theresa knows about the baby. Lauren goes to the McQueens, but Theresa wants none of it. When Lauren’s gone, Jacqui panics to Theresa; she can’t tell a living soul what she’s done. Theresa tries to contain her emotions as Carmel confides in her that she thinks she’s pregnant with Calvin’s baby.

Ricky’s spent the night at the Ashworths. Kris calls round to try and justify his actions but Duncan is angry – Martin could be taken away from Ricky. But he sympathises with Kris’ decision, making Martin promise not to end it all. Ricky’s delighted when the Ashworths say he can stay with them for as long as he likes.

Also; Michaela proves herself useful helping out at The Loft with Sasha and Spencer.

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