Newt has fun with Theresa

Newt arranges to spend the day with Lauren, but when he bumps into Theresa and she invites him over to hers, he makes his excuses to Lauren and heads over. Despite having nothing in common they can’t resist each other and fall into bed. Newt feels guilty when he sees Lauren on his way home.

Zoe wants to put things right between her and Sarah and she confesses she’s failed her degree and tells Sarah that she doesn’t want to lose her as a friend as well. Sarah softens and they make friends again. Zoe prepares to leave the village before graduation day, but Sarah convinces her to stay and face her parents, who don’t even know that she’s not graduating.

Darren is secretly gutted that Cindy’s moved on, but to prove that he’s not bothered he lies that he’s got a date of his own. Darren tries it on with Theresa and in desperation he offers her money to meet him in the village and convince Cindy that they’re an item. Theresa takes the cash, but stands him up, and he’s left looking like a fool in front of Cindy and Ste.

Also, Kris and the gang feel sad as they say goodbye to their student lives forever.

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