Newt has tea with the McQueens

Theresa wants Newt to come to the McQueens’ for tea so she can introduce him to her family. Newt feels awkward and puts his foot in it over baby Max. Newt endures ribbing from Myra and Theresa’s cousins but as the usual family chaos resumes Newt begins to relax.

Archie and the lads are stunned to have discovered £100,000 hidden in Warren’s flat but their excitement doesn’t last long when the lads wonder if the money may belong to some gangster friend of Warren’s, who might want it back. The lads agree to wait six months to see if anyone turns after the money and split it between themselves if it lays unclaimed…

Ravi takes up Jack’s offer to help him train for his fight, despite Kris’s worries about his health. Ravi hides the news of his aneurism from Jack and brushes off Jack’s concern for his health when he has a wobble during his training session. Ravi is rattled when he discovers that the boxing match Ash has organised is an illegal street fight.

Also, Tony tries to make it up to Cindy for mistrusting her by plying her with expensive gifts and Cindy tells a miserable Darren that she’s going to get Tony to propose.

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