Newt hates his party – and the Osbornes

Newt tests the Osbornes’ patience by revving up the volume of his stereo. Anxious to make him feel at home, Frankie refuses to make an issue of it, even proposing a party after discovering it’s his birthday. But the party goes wrong when Newt takes offence to the ‘kids’ party and launches into a spiteful tirade at the Osborne clan.

After informing Ste she hates their bed and breakfast accommodation, Amy isn’t too happy when he tells her she’s nothing but a spoilt child. When Michaela visits the pair at the B&B, Amy is forced to play peacemaker between the squabbling Ste and Michaela.

Nancy has managed to pack Jake off to concentrate on her university projects, but her peace and quiet is interrupted by Russ who is busy with his own assignment. The pair end up distracting each other and abandon their projects for a bottle of wine. And Nancy isn’t too bothered when Russ asks what Jake would say if he saw them together.

Steph admits to Max that she overheard Tom say he hated her and hits on an idea to win Tom round by taking him and some friends to Newt’s birthday party.