Newt is out of control

Rae’s on Newt’s case and tempers are fuelled as they argue. When Gaz intervenes, Newt declares he’s leaving school. His mind in turmoil, Newt runs into an obnoxious Duncan. Insisting he’d like a photo of Newt to send to his cousin tips Newt over the edge and he lashes out at him.

Newt witnesses Rae and Gaz together and before long he sends Gaz flying. Jack rushes over and drags Newt away. Suggesting he may have returned too soon, Jack promises to have a word with the head.

Carmel accompanies Mercedes to her routine HIV check-up, when they bump into Calvin. Mercedes and Calvin’s attraction sizzles until they’re interrupted by Carmel. Totally oblivious, Carmel’s pleased when Calvin hands her a good luck present for her new job returning to be a PCSO. Later, Calvin’s floored to hear that the hospital has called and think Mercedes has contracted HIV. Calvin promises that he won’t tell Malachy.

Also, Darren asks if he can hold a family day at the Dog. Hannah’s arrival pleases Neville, but when he accuses Darren of using his daughter, Hannah storms off. Later, Neville acts on Darren’s earlier offer and agrees that in return for information on Hannah, he will let Darren hold his family day.

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