Gaz lies critically ill in hospital after being attacked as the friends await their fate. No one knows who’s responsible for the attack, except the culprit. Frankie’s shocked when Newt’s forced to admit he’s stopped taking his medication and she isn’t allowed to take him home. Lauren and Anita are released from custody and make a pact to stick together as a terrified Newt is lead away in a police car to be assessed…

Myra’s worried about Mercedes as they discuss her appointment at the fertility clinic tomorrow, she denies she’s not doing it to stop Malachy going to work away, but Myra’s not so sure. Malachy’s worried Myra might try and stop him taking Mercedes abroad, while Myra is simply worried about Mercedes’ safety.

Archie makes a big deal of asking Leila out in an attempt to make Elliot jealous. When Archie tells Elliot he’s thinking of asking Leila out, Elliot decides to go and see how she is. He’s shocked when he discovers Archie’s already beaten him to it. Leila realises they’re not really interested in her when she hears them arguing and throws them both out.

Also; Archie’s surprised when Leila later takes him up on his offer of a date.

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