Frankie is shocked when Darren assures her that, despite the adoption news, they can still move to Spain secretly. Meanwhile, Jack decides Newt has been through enough and begins packing his bags to leave for Spain alone. Darren panics and reveals Newt has already seen Jack alive – so they will all have to leave the country together. Frankie and Jack are stunned but agree that Newt needs to know the truth once and for all.

Tom doesn’t speak to Niall in the park, after hearing from Holly that Steph and Niall were kissing. Niall promises he won’t make a move on Steph until he has Tom’s approval. Later, Steph arrives at the park in a panic, after Holly stirs up trouble.

Niall reassures her that Tom is fine with them being boyfriend and girlfriend but wants to make sure that Steph is okay about it too. Steph confirms that she couldn’t be happier. But back at the flat, a hostile Cindy and Mandy make no secret about their disapproval of the relationship.

Also, a happy Calvin and Carmel return from their honeymoon, but Calvin’s mood soon turns sour when he gets a welcome home text message from Warren.

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