Michaela is furious to discover Newt has beaten her in the writing competition and confronts him at Mobs. As the argument spirals out of control, Darren gets caught in the backlash and Cindy has to chuck them out. Later, Darren isn’t too happy when Cindy turns up at The Dog, but after some banter, Cindy manages to wangle a dinner invitation. Alone in the flat, Newt is alarmed to hear noises coming from the kitchen. He investigates and is shocked at what awaits him…

As Tina starts college, Dominic feels sidelined at having to hold the baby. Leila and Tina spend the afternoon touring HCC when an accident prone Leila finds herself in hot water after a collision with Justin. She visits him in hospital, where she informs a concussed and confused Justin that she’s his girlfriend!

Jacqui is having problems getting her business up and running. Her mood gets worse when she learns that Tina has left Max in order to return to college and doesn’t improve when Michaela lets slip to Tony that Jacqui plans to open a tanning salon.

Also, Amy is angry when Ste insists he wants to be part of their baby’s life.

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