Newt is on the run with Eli and mugs an elderly lady for money. Filled with remorse, they hide in a derelict warehouse. They are soon disturbed by the appearance of a girl standing high up on a ledge, she warns them to stay away and that she’s intending to jump. Despite Eli’s caution that she’s bad news, but Newt seems happy with his new friend, Rae.

Elliot, Nancy and Kris watch old home footage of Sarah and mourn the death of their best friend. Elliot is interviewed by the police, who confirm that the Horny Goat Weed was herbal and he’ll walk away with only a caution for his drunken behaviour.

Kris suggests they all go for a drink in memory of their friend at the SU bar, where they are later joined by a grieving Steph. It’s all too much for Elliot, who walks out. Kris later apologises for his strange humour, explaining that it’s his way of getting through the heartache. The three friends bond, knowing that they must help each other to get through this.

Also; Steph’s comforted by Jack, who tells her he understands that she’s unable to forgive Jake. Meanwhile, Jake’s unsure about returning home, but Dr Sanders informs he’ll be home within the week!

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