Newt expresses a desire to join Frankie at Jack and Darren’s court hearing, but Frankie is reluctant to let him come along. Annoyed, Newt ends up having a massive row with Frankie in front of everyone in The Dog, which ends with Frankie revealing they have to sell The Dog.

Later, Frankie apologises but is unaware that Newt is planning on running away with Lauren. As he and Lauren pack their bags, Frankie arrives, having realised what’s happening and the pair are persuaded to stay in Hollyoaks.

Rhys gloats to Gilly that he has pulled and has the girl’s number scrawled on his arm to prove it. Unconvinced, Gilly tells Rhys to pay up on their bet but Rhys maintains that this mysterious girl will be in The Dog later that evening. But when no-one turns up in the pub, the boys head over to the SU bar.

Loathe to admit he’s lost his mojo, Rhys offers Gilly a double or nothing bet that he can pull any girl Gilly picks for him. Gilly accepts and chooses Leila. However, although Rhys tries his best to pull Leila, it seems he has his work cut out…

Also, Justin lets Leila use the SU bar to screen her film, but is not happy at the result.

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