Newt plays a prank on Russ

Trawling through the Internet with Lauren, Newt comes across the report about the explosion at The Dog and Sam Owen’s involvement. Annoyed with Darren’s constant insults, Newt and Lauren decide to give Darren and Russ something to really talk about, with a sick joke.

Tony is both shocked and excited by the news that he has an eight-year-old son, but worries how Jacqui will react. Despite his concerns, he arranges to meet Tessie and Harry in the park, asking Dom to distract Jacqui. Tony and Harry get along well, but Jacqui turns up just as Tony and Tessie are hugging goodbye.

Already nervous about her job interview, Tina goes to pieces when interviewer Mrs Webster highlights her unsuitable qualifications. Things go from bad to worse when Mrs Webster discovers Tina’s work experience involved helping raise sister Michaela, whom Mrs Webster knows only too well.

Reduced to tears, Tina eventually composes herself and lays into Mrs Webster for not giving her a chance. But it does the trick. A stunned but impressed Mrs Webster tells Tina she’s got the job.

Also, Rhys and Beth both receive a letter from the solicitor about Noel’s will, but a bitter Rhys is adamant he does not want to be involved.