Newt prepares to go home

As Newt prepares to go home, Darren worries that having him around will make it more difficult to conceal Jack being alive and tries to convince Frankie they would be better off without him. Later, Darren arranges to meet the loan shark on Friday to give him the money. But he is stunned to hear the insurance company are holding off on the money and is petrified when Frankie insists it’s Darren’s problem.

Tom is delighted when the plaque for Max’s bench arrives. With Jack’s name also on the plaque, a guilty Frankie avoids sitting on it with them and heads to the hospital to pick Newt up. Steph awkwardly tries to thank Niall by inviting him round for a drink. As Steph relaxes, she reveals to Niall that she’s been thinking about moving on, but worries about having to tell Tom.

John Paul prepares to tell Myra that he and Kieron are getting married. But before he can break the news, Myra tells him he’s too young to be settling down and he should be out playing the field. Given food for thought, John Paul is suddenly unsure what he wants…

Also, after giving blood, Malachy pretends to faint and a concerned Mercedes takes him home, leading to a night of passion.

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