Newt returns home to face Jake!

Frankie visits Newt in hospital and is told he’s free to leave. She fails to mention that Jake’s back so when they arrive home, Newt is less than impressed. When Frankie pops out, Jake tries to explain himself to Newt but only makes him angrier, and Newt leaves.

Frankie returns and they head out to search for Newt. When they spot him on top of the archway, it’s almost too much for Frankie and she pleads with him to come down. Without Jake around, Newt starts to relax but it’s short lived when Frankie reveals they’re moving to the Roy’s old place and Jake will be joining them.

Amy continues to struggle with her post-natal depression and a grieving Mike snaps at her. Despite feeling bad she can’t shake off the feeling of dread when alone with Leah and Lucas. Ste arrives and soon gets carried away about them being a real family. A buoyed Ste pops to the shop, but is horrified to return and discover Amy has left.

Also; Steph ‘s furious with Gilly when he writes her a love poem. For once, Rhys decides to take the rap for Gilly but a snide remark earns him a punch from Fernando.

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