Newt bolts when Gaz goes into a seizure and flatlines. As the girls try to work out who attacked him, Anita’s phone rings, it’s Newt. She finds him in the woods confused about the attack. Anita is about to tell him something when Ricky, Lauren and Theresa all appear. As the accusations fly Newt spots a bloodstained necklace on the floor and all eyes turn to Anita.

Theresa checks Gaz’s phone to see if he videoed who attacked him, but instead she sees Newt kissing Anita. Livid, Theresa smashes the phone, but not before the true culprit confesses to hitting Gaz. Theresa runs off as Newt tells Anita that Gaz is dead.

Malachy has his bags packed, but Mercedes realises that she can’t leave her family. She begs him to forget about Canada but he storms out. Cheryl runs into an incredibly upset Mercedes and berates her for giving up on Malachy so easily. Mercedes hurries to the village where she finds Malachy, who apologises for running off and tells her that he can’t live without her.

Also, Archie agrees to meet Leila and she tells him their night of passion was just a one-off. Desperate to be honest, Leila tells a heartbroken Elliot that she’s slept with someone else.