Newt sees Rae!

Lauren’s concerned when Newt decides he wants to speak to the old lady he mugged. She’s proved right when a photo within the purse makes her blood run cold… It’s Rae. Returning the purse to his victim, Newt sees Rae in the distance.

Theresa’s furious to find Anita offering her the arm of friendship. But before she can reply, Newt, Lauren and Ste come flying past. It’s clear that Ste has been sleeping rough and Anita calls Ravi, but he’s surprised when Ravi offers him a job as Relish’s new chef.

Steph points out that Jake will have to declare his criminal record to prospective employers. But Frankie convinces her to give him a chance in Mobs. Arriving for his training, Steph drags them all off to The Dog for a pep talk. Defending her brother to Cheryl, Steph insists Jake deserves a chance and surprises herself by how supportive she feels towards him.

Also; Rhys is perturbed by the evil looks he’s getting from Fernando. And, encouraged by Fernando and Gilly, he pretends to chat up Cheryl. But on leaving The Dog, it’s Gilly that fails to dodge Cheryl’s advances and when she asks him on a date, he knows there’s no escape.

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