Newt spots Rae turns up at Hollyoaks High!

Lauren, Theresa and Newt arrive at school after the merge and are shocked when Gaz jumps to their defence when Sinclair confronts them. They are interrupted by Rae, providing a shock for Newt. However, it’s not the Rae Newt met previously. When Newt goes to the toilet he’s again threatened by Rae and Sinclair. Lauren tells Gaz, who agrees to defend Newt for her sake. As Newt walks home he sees Rae in the skate park, she warns Newt that he will bring her death.

Amy returns to Hollyoaks. Mike’s still mourning Sarah’s death, as Lydia and Amy begin to bond over their dislike for Zoe. Later, Michaela criticises Amy’s attitude towards her kids, and Amy storms out.

Loretta hands Nancy a pile of letters that her and Jake had written to each other when he was in hospital and Nancy’s horrified. She offers Loretta an ultimatum, she will forgive her if she walks away from Jake. Loretta refuses.

Also; Tony notices that Cindy has been looking at a website for plastic surgeons. Cindy enters the flat; she hides her face and runs to the bathroom. He attempts to make her feel better as she reveals the results of a disastrous chemical skin peel.

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