Rae’s still angry over Ste ridiculing her worries over the curse. Feeling like he and Rae are getting closer, Newt takes it upon himself to have a go at Ste for upsetting Rae. Overhearing, Rae is furious with their childishness, leaving Newt in the doghouse once again. Trying to explain his actions, Newt decides he’s got nothing to lose and admits to Rae how he feels.

Charlotte starts the day on a high after a night of passion with Laura. She confides in India that she might have met the one, but her confidence soon fades when Laura doesn’t call. To cheer themselves up the girls head out but the unexpected arrival of Laura sends Charlotte into a spin.

Zak’s finding it difficult to raise any enthusiasm over his wedding plans. Michaela takes out her frustration on her family, accusing them of favouring Carmel’s wedding over her own. Myra quickly realises all is not right and the gang arrange a celebratory meal for the pair. Things are looking up until a wasted Zak arrives late.

Also, Zak drops a bombshell, hits his future brother-in-law and leaves Michaela in tears.

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