Frankie is devastated to hear that Jake has confessed to Sean’s murder and refuses to accept it. She pleads with Warren to tell police that Jake had nothing to do with Sean’s death. Warren assures Frankie there’s nothing he can do, but is stunned when she pleads for him to leave Hollyoaks. Frankie starts a petition in the village declaring Jake’s innocence, but nobody is interested in signing it.

Blaming Warren for Frankie’s misery, Newt vows revenge. Meanwhile, Eli rigs The Loft security cameras so he and Newt can slip into the club unnoticed, and Newt is shocked when Eli reveals he has a homemade bomb. They sneak in to The Loft for the re-launch party, but end up trapped in the toilets. They just manage to escape as the bomb is detonated and chaos ensues. Nancy is caught in the bomb blast and it’s left to Ravi to save her from the smoke.

Darren tells Mercedes’ that her decision to dress more demurely for work is damaging business. Mercedes is further angered when she accidentally spills some drinks on Hannah who reacts with a torrent of abuse. Determined to get her own back, Mercedes challenges Darren to bed Hannah. Darren agrees and begins hatching a plan.

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