Newt’s in turmoil

Despite being relieved that he got through Jack’s funeral, Darren is alarmed when Frankie starts getting rid of his things. Meanwhile, Newt is tormented by Jack’s death, and is terrified when he picks up Darren’s phone and hears Jack’s voice at the other end. Darren and Frankie realise that Newt is in serious trouble when they find him in a state of panic, surrounded by dismantled electrical equipment.

The Valentines are forced to unite to get Sasha through her cold turkey. Sasha is determined to kick the habit, but knowing she can’t do it alone, stops the family leaving the house by blocking all the exits. Later, after receiving threatening texts from Warren, Calvin goes over to The Loft to meet him. Calvin is horrified when he realises Warren has footage of him buying heroin for Sasha on CCTV, but what will he do with it?

As Steph prepares for the reading of Max’s will, Cindy is busy planning how she can spend her inheritance. But when Steph finds out he’s left her his estate, Cindy is furious to learn she has only been left his DVDs.

Also, Michaela writes an article about Amy’s experiences with Ste, but can she betray her best friend by making it public?

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